As Directed

Effortlessly move around and get business done without waiting on cars to show up. And with the same chauffeur, you won't have to keep repeating yourself.
  • Convenient

    Book by the hour, full day or even longer and have the chauffeur and vehicle at your disposal.

  • Safe

    Leave your jacket or non-valuables in the car. You’ll come back to find them safe with your chauffeur.

  • Errands

    Your chauffeur can help you multitask by picking up or dropping off things while you meet, eat or rest.

  • Value

    If you are coming from or going to the airport, the trip will be included within the daily rate*


Skip airport crowds, waiting and cumbersome flight boarding procedures by travelling comfortably and privately by vehicle
  • Direct

    Travel safely to exactly where you’re headed and have the option of using the vehicle thereafter.

  • Safe

    Since all vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before each trip and offer sanitizer, it’s a safer way to travel.

  • Convenient

    Forget having to arrive early at the airport, wait on security lines and at the luggage carousel.

  • Convenient

    Leave your device’s airplane mode off and talk, text and browse as much as you want.

Hourly Booking FAQs

  • Can I extend my booking?

  • If you’d like to extend your booking and keep the same vehicle and driver, please contact us so we can try and arrange the same pairing.

    Please note that due to demand and prior bookings, we may not be able to allocate that specific vehicle and driver pairing.

  • How many hours are in a full day booking?

  • Full-day bookings are equivalent to 10 hours and half-day bookings are 5 hours.

    While full and half-day rates are fixed, they are discounted relative to the vehicle’s standard hourly rate.

  • Can I ask the driver to come back later and it not count against my hours?

  • Unfortunately not. Our hourly and daily booking service is continuous from your start time.

    All chauffeurs will only commit to one customer at a time and never accept other bookings between your trips.

  • Can I keep the vehicle after an airport transfer?

  • Full day bookings receive the benefit of a complimentary airport transfer. However, if you only booked an airport transfer, you will need to create a new booking to keep the vehicle.

    Please note that while every effort will be made to keep the same driver and vehicle pairing, we may not be able to guarantee that due to preexisting bookings.

  • What’s the maximum number of hours I can book?

  • Our full day rate is inclusive of 10 hours. Should you want to book the vehicle for 24 hours, please note that a mandatory driver change (every 12 hours) will be imposed.

    Also, 24 hour bookings will be billed at a different rate. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.